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Belisle, Donica. "Anti-Black Racism in Food Advertising: Rogers Golden Syrup and the Imagery of White Supremacy in the Canadian West." Under review.

Belisle, Donica.  "Eating Clean: Anti-Chinese Sugar Advertising and the Making of White Racial Purity in the Canadian Pacific."  Global Food History 6, no. 1 (March 2020): 41-59. 18 pp. Refereed. Accepted 4 January 2020; published advance online 9 January 2020. DOI:

Belisle, Donica with Kiera Mitchell.  "Mary Quayle Innis: Faculty Wives' Contributions and the Making of Academic Celebrity."  Canadian Historical Review 99:3 (September 2018), 456-86.  Refereed. Permanent open access.

*Honourable Mention, 2018 Hilda Neatby Article Prize, for best English language article in Canadian women’s history, Canadian Committee on Women’s History, Canadian Historical Association.


Belisle, Donica.  “Conservative Consumerism: Consumer Advocacy in Woman’s Century Magazine During and After World War I.”  Histoire sociale/Social History (May 2014), 111-38. Refereed.


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Belisle, Donica.  “Sexual Spectacles: Women in Canadian Department Store Magazines Between 1920 and 1950.” Writing Feminist History: Productive Pasts and New Directions, edited by Catherine Carstairs and Nancy Janovicek (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2013), 135-58. Refereed.


Belisle, Donica.  “Crazy For Bargains: Inventing the Irrational Female Shopper in Modernizing English Canada.” The Canadian Historical Review 92:4 (December 2011), 581-606.  25 pp. Refereed.


*Winner, 2011 Hilda Neatby Article Prize, for best English language article in Canadian women’s history, Canadian Committee on Women’s History, Canadian Historical Association. Refereed.


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*Re-published in Home, Work, and Play: Situating Canadian Social History, 3rd edition, eds. James Opp and John C. Walsh.  Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2015. Refereed.


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Belisle, Donica.  “‘Granting a Square Deal’: The Brandon Unemployed Worker and the Political

Education of Brandon’s Jobless During the Great Depression,” Manitoba History 36:2 (Fall/Winter 1999), 37-40.