I supervise graduate and Honours' students in the areas of food, consumer, gender, and Canadian history. 


To date, my graduate and Honours' students have published refereed articles in The Canadian Historical ReviewPrairie Forum, and Alberta History


They have also presented papers at academic conferences, given public talks, and secured SSHRC funding.


Beyond the Essay: A Research Creation Exhibit 

Recognizing that students have talents beyond writing essays, I have been experimenting with non-essay evaluation formats.  This exhibit from Winter 2019 showcases recent work.

Sample Syllabi

HIST 390: Eating Canadian? A History of Food in Canada

HIST 800: Theories of History (Fall 2016)

HIST 113: Issues in Canadian History (Fall 2018)

HIST 201: Canada From Confederation to World War II (Winter 2019)

HIST 330: Women and Gender in Prairie Canada (Fall 2016)