Dr. Donica Belisle, Associate Professor of History, University of Regina, Treaty 4 Territory, Saskatchewan, Canada


I am a writer and scholar who is currently researching the history of sugar. My most recent publication examines the clean food movement in relation to ideas of white racial purity. 

The question -- How, why, and with what consequences have contemporary consumer cultures developed? -- is a driving force behind my work. My books, Purchasing Power: Women and the Rise of Canadian Consumer Culture (UTP 2020), and Retail Nation: Department Stores and the Making of Modern Canada (UBC Press 2011), along with several articles, offer findings in this area.

Power and influence are related interests. My work pays attention to how power operates; it asks questions about who wields the most power at any given time, and why. I have written both popular and scholarly articles on this topic. I have also dabbled in podcasting - check out my recent interview with the Champlain Society on faculty wives and gender inequality.

Recognizing that print is but one mode of communication, I have been experimenting with alternative forms of engagement. These include not only public talks and exhibits but also podcasting, web publishing, and poster creation. Much of my work in this area involves my students, as my recent projects, "Advertising Canada's Past," "Beyond the Essay," and "Imagining History," illustrate.